Sunday, September 11, 2011

Historical tweets and stats will no longer be stored

The pricing model for Google App Engine, our hosting platform, will change soon. This will cause our costs to increase significantly, to around $60 per day!

Storing historical tweets contributes the most to this cost. Regrettably, I am going to turn this feature off starting today.

This affects the following areas of the Twitter Sentiment site:
  • if you have a saved query, we will no longer save the historical tweets or stats over time
  • the Counts API and Tweets API will no longer work
  • the Twitter Sentiment gadget will no longer work
Showing sentiment over time was my favorite part of this web application, so I'm sad to remove this feature.

Update (12/28/2011): I'm trying to figure out workarounds for this. If you would like to track queries over time, please let us know by describing your use case, so that we know how to prioritize this feature.